Award-winning painter Heidi Kirschner has had a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work. Her beautiful and inspiring oil paintings render sky, earth, plants, and water in soothing impasto abstractions. Kirschner’s work with color is truly astounding. Each piece includes a variety of contrasting hues yet when we peer into the composition these disparate colors intermingle, forming a harmonious blend. Cerulean skies give way to rolling hills of burnt umber, khaki, and crimson. Tranquil, steely waters reflect the beauty from above and exude harmony. The artist particularly enjoys the effects of light in a natural environment. “The way it can illuminate a horizon line, electrify a sky, dance on water,” she explains. “It becomes a symphony of color.” In her approach, the inclusion of chance and mistakes helps open each painting to a realm of possibility and spontaneity as she develops a textural surface from each blank canvas.

Southpark Magazine

Heidi has her own private gallery in Charlotte, NC.
She is also displayed in a variety of of other galleries in the Eastern U.S.



“I have worked with Heidi Kirschner for over 15 years. Her zest for life shows in her painting and is such a refreshing part of our collaboration. I have owned an interior design firm for 17 years and am always looking for art to finish a room or be the muse to jump start a space. Heidi’s work allows me to do both.”

Cathy D. Charlotte, NC (Designer)