Heidi Kirschner

Fine Art

Original Article in “The Life in Myers Park” Magazine

by By MPL Content Coordinator Delia McMullen

Local artist Heidi Kirschner is an award-winning oil painter who is becoming known for her painting classes in addition to her beautiful body of work. Originally from New York, she began painting as a young child and later won a scholarship to study art at New York State University at Geneseo. While there, Heidi majored in Fine Arts and presented her first solo exhibit showcasing her work.
“Heidi’s art is stunning on its own, but when brought in a home, there is a sense of harmony within the space. People instantly connect to the beauty and tranquility of Heidi’s pieces.”
In 2016, Heidi opened up a new studio in Myers Park. “My biggest goal,” shares Heidi, “was to have an open floor plan that had a great source of natural light. I needed a big, open, gallery concept that could serve as a working studio as well as a showroom. In this beautiful new space, I am now able to host events/openings and teach my oil painting classes.”
Heidi describes her unique style as “a combination of highly texturized palette work atop layers of blended brush work,” and notes that her genre is often referred to as “contemporary landscapes with an ethereal quality.”
Heidi draws a great deal of inspiration from light. She finds that it can transform even the simplest subject matter into something visually beautiful. She says, “It’s almost like putting a spotlight on something mundane and magnifying its gorgeous simplicity.” As her style has evolved, Heidi shares that, “Now that I’m able to work on a number of large works at a time, I’ve noticed how many more layers I’ve started to add to each of my pieces.
Although my oil paintings are known for a significant amount of blending, my works have become even more texturized utilizing my favorite tool—my coveted palette knife.”
“I find it amazing how art continues to reflect life,” says Heidi. “As a classically trained artist, I am aware that it has taken years to develop a strong skill set, but as I get older and grow as an artist, I find that I’m able to let go more and and rely on my in- stincts—giving more credit to my gut reaction to the composition I’m creating. It just goes to show that, as in life, when we come from a place of truth… we get an organic result.”
According to Ann Huff, co-owner of Atlanta’s Huff Harrington Fine Art, “Heidi Kirschner’s ethereal and mesmerizing paint- ings have been enhancing our walls here at Huff Harrington Fine Art for many years. Her luminescent and elegant palette is always a perfect complement to any collection. Most of all we adore Heidi for her joie de vivre, boundless energy and incredible work ethic, and feel fortunate to represent her!”

… as I get older and grow as an artist, I find that I’m able to let go more and and rely on my instincts giving more credit to my gut reaction to the composition I’m creating.

Teaching has deepened Heidi’s experience as an artist. As the daughter of two teachers, over the years it became obvious how much she loved to share her talent. According to Heidi, “I now un- derstand what it feels like to see a student’s face light up as they’ve begun to master a new painting technique. It is truly rewarding!” She continues, “The greatest compliment I continue to receive from my students is ‘Wow! This has been two hours where I haven’t thought about anything else! What a beautiful escape!’”
The oil painting classes Heidi offers, dubbed “Painting with Heidi,” are two-hour instructional classes where students paint on their own canvases. As Heidi explains, “I guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your own painting. All the supplies are provided, and I put out a nice selection of wine and appetizers.” Heidi has also added workshops for students interested in taking their oil painting skills to the next level.
Reporter/writer Michelle Boudin is a student. As she shares, “Heidi’s classes are always so much fun. I usually get a group of girlfriends together, and
we just laugh the whole time. Heidi is an incredible artist and a great teacher; she helps you as much or as little as you want. I always end up with some- thing that I absolutely love, love, love! Everything I’ve done with her is prominently displayed in my house. It’s crazy that someone with her talent is willing to host these classes.”

Next up is a fall opening introducing Heidi’s new series. Make plans to join her on September 8. For more details on the fall opening or more information about Heidi, visit www.heidikirschner.com.